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Company Overview 

Energizing CO2 Through Capture and Utilization 

Enhanced Oil Recovery - CO2 Fracking - Emissions Reduction

Use of CO2 captured from the flue gas of Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGS), SAGD  and Cyclic Steam Generators used for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Oil Sands Operations:

  • reduction of CO2 emissions 
  • the life of heavy oil production will be extended
  • incremental oil will be produced for domestic energy supply or export

Use of CO2 for oil and gas well fracking

Currently most of the Oil and Gas down hole fracking is being done using water and chemicals

CO2 fracking is more efficient

  • Less swelling of shales, less water table invasion 
  • Less chemicals
  • Better flow back of fracking fluids


Product Offer

  • HTC CO2 Systems offers a modular capture system that can be attached to local CO2 emitter facilities (gas plants, pumping stations, large diesel or natural gas motors) to provide a localized CO2 supply
  • Saves from having to truck in CO2 from great distances from centralized CO2 capture plants at refineries, fertilizer plants etc.
  • Substantially reduces cost of CO2 used in enhanced oil recovery and  fracking