Modular Low Cost CO2 Capture

Modular Low Cost Biogas Processing

HTC CO2 Systems offers an advanced amine CO2 capture technology, which embraces several new concepts in post combustion capture. Because they are installed downstream of primary plant operations, post combustion processes are the least intrusive on plant operations. The plant can maintain full operation with or without the CO2 capture equipment operating, so outages at the capture plant will not affect the availability or reliability of the power or process plant.


This system has been engineered to reduce capital and operating costs while at the same time delivering superior performance;

reducing energy usage, lowering emissions, and improving the quality of CO2 product captured.

HTC has taken all of its knowledge from designing large coal-fired, medium sized steam generators and smaller industrial grade CO2 capture systems, and combined them into a product that has the capability to meet the production capacity and the emissions to atmosphere at reduced capital and operating costs. The LCDesign™ includes several features that contributed to lowering the costs such as modular design approach, optimized process flow, formulated solvents, and optimize operating paramaters. 

The figure below shows the simplified process flow diagram for the delta flue gas purification process:

"Energizing CO2"