Process Design Optimization For Gas Purification Systems        

HTC has completed the development of its advanced PDOEngine™ that will assist the HTC engineering team in the design, modelling, and simulation of efficient CO2 capture, solvent reclaimer, and gas processing systems.

The PDOEngine™ is a design and optimization approach based on accumulative experience, newly developed algorithms, and rigorous proprietary models developed to perform the following activities:

  • Process design,
  • Optimum allocation of scarce resources,
  • Equipment and unit operations sizing,
  • Sensitivity analysis,
  • Process troubleshooting, debottlenecking, optimization, and
  • Optimizing solvent reclaimer systems.

The rigorous models used by HTC’s team are based on in-house developed models and proven commercial programs engineered to perform the above applications. Depending on the application, the models could take into consideration the coupling between mass transfer, energy transfer, momentum transfer, chemical equilibrium and/or chemical kinetics. These more efficient techniques allow us to design CO2 capture, gas processing and solvent reclaimer systems that are more energy efficient, while simultaneously reducing capital and operating costs.

Efficient and cost-effective is what the market is now looking for. The PDOEngine™ is the heart of our LCDesign CO2 Capture System™; our process design advantage gives us the competitive lead in the CO2 capture, solvent reclaimer, and gas processing design market today.