Delta Purification

HTC Delta Solvent Reclaimer System™


HTC Delta Solvent Reclaimer System in operation in California

The HTC Delta Solvent Reclaimer System™ is a patented, unique and simple thermal/vacuum technology for reclaiming and purifying single, mixed and formulated alkanolamine solvents, as well as glycols used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. It has been designed to remove all high-boiling degradation products, ionic species, impurities and fine suspended solids from these chemical solvents.

The HTC Delta Solvent Reclaimer System has the following advantages compared to existing technologies in this field:

  • Simple Design
  • Less capital cost
  • Less operating cost
  • Less waste for disposal
  • Less utility consumptions
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Higher recovery rate for solvent
  • Efficiently reclaims single/mixed alkanolamine, formulated solvents and glycols for gas processing applications. 

The figure below shows the simplified process flow diagram for the delta solvent reclaiming process.

Delta Purification